In 1983, a group of prominent Indiana podiatrists formed the Achilles Podiatry Group. The need to develop and build an infrastructure for the future of podiatry in Indiana was based on several significant factors that were changing health care management throughout the United States.
Most significant was the cost-cutting measures that affected hospitals and providers. Medicare cutbacks, third-party payers and limited reimbursement for and to specialized care, confirmed the need to develop an organization where cost could be controlled while maintaining a high standard of quality care.
Traditionally, the podiatry profession consisted of solo practitioners or small partnerships. The goal of Achilles Podiatry was to unify a group of highly qualified practitioners and support staff to provide optimum care for patients in a cost controlled environment. Currently, the Achilles Podiatry Group has 5 offices, 5 physicians, and a Surgery Center which all serve the needs of our patients through out Indiana.