high heel foot pain

High Heels and Foot Pain

It is widely know that women and high heels go together. Wearing them can cause foot pain over time. This is because the foot is in a unnatural position and not able to cushion the feet properly.

Some effects of wearing high heels are morton’s neuroma, bunions and hammertoes. A morton’s neuroma is caused, because of heel height and the narrow toe box, a thickening tissue around the nerve can develop at the 3rd and 4th toes. This causes a pain or numbness in the toes. Bunions are a bony growth at the joint at the base of the big toe. The bunion makes the toes to turn at an angle causing an unnaturally pointing of the other toes and pain. Hammertoes are caused by the narrow toe box the pushes the smaller toes into a bent position at the middle joint. The toes can become unable to be straighten, even when not wearing a shoe.

Here are some tips to relieve high heel foot pain. Try to wear open toe high heels, this will relieve some of the pressure in the toe box. Insert padding into the high heel. There are even prescription orthotics just designed for this. Lastly wear a thicker heel for more stability. If your feet are in pain from high heels and the pain will not go away, Contact Achilles Podiatry for further evaluation and treatment.