golf foot injuries

The motion of a golf swing treats the body like a whip, power production starts with the feet pushing against the ground. The foot pivots to enable the hip to fully rotate around.  Also, each foot moves differently from the other, the back foot must allow for more pronation during the follow through of the golf swing than the front foot.  This motion of your feet repeated over an extended period of time can easily lead to the different golf foot injuries.

Heel Pain

Is also commonly known as plantar fasciitis and commonly occurs due to excessive pronation in the feet. Golfers will often complain of pain when first rising in the morning and after periods of rest. Pain will be located in the center of the heel.

Morton’s Neuroma

A Morton’s neuroma is swelling in the nerve or inflammation around the nerve at the base of the toe. Pain occurs in the two adjacent toes. The nerve affected by Morton’s neuroma runs from the foot surface to the toes. Due to the pressures of walking, standing and wearing shoes, severe, intermittent pain can occur in the ball of the foot. Some patients also experience numbness in the toes or sharp, sudden pains.


Inflammation of the tendon that runs along the arch region. This is a common injury as the foot can be placed under excessive pressure during the repeated motion of a golf swing.

Benefits of Orthotics or Shoe Inserts

Orthotics allow a golfer’s body to establish a better point of contact with the ground when executing a golf swing. They will also stabilize your feet, evenly redistribute weight and correct your entire body posture during the golf swing.

Orthotics will prevent many of painful injuries that can affect your concentration and ultimately your golfing handicap. These injuries include pain in the knees, feet, legs and lower back.